Since 1998, BLC Recordings produce LPs and EPs in electronic music.
We create and promote House, Techno and others deep vibes.

BLC 006 (2018 - Digital)

Various Artists
This is underground Vol.1

BLC 005 (2018 - Digital)

The piano man EP

BLC 004 (2018 - Digital)

IBIZA Official Remixes

BLC 003 Remastered (2018- Digital)

A different kind of groove

BLC 002 (2000 - Vinyl)

Universal Boon Loops
w/ GSK, Lee Trax, RFL & Doomy

BLC 001 (1998 - CD) - Remastered 2018

with Lee Trax, Nierika & Doomy


Lee Trax

Adam Carling

Lee Trax born in France in 1974 has been producing, remixing and DJing for the last 25 years and in 1997 founded the French dance music label BLC Records. The label was specifically pushing the Techno sound and in its existence had the pleasure of producing and releasing 3 CDs and also 1 release on vinyl.

Also around 1997 Lee had heavy involvement with a live PA known as (Bass Attack Sound System) this was a Techno act who had the opportunity to perform at many of the raves being held in his region at that time.

As time has progressed over the years Lee has found himself DJing at many clubs & bars across France up to around 2002 when he decided to spend more time on his producing. Lee has since had a revive in his beat mixing ability’s and has released Podcasts and tracks on labels.

Nick De Voost


Record spinner // Producer // Radio DJ

Hometown Tourcoing in northern France, located between Lille and the Belgian border. In 1988 at the age of 15 he discovers radio SIS Mouscron (Belgium), the sound of Chicago and Detroit techno, which had submerged the whole of England and which will sweep over Belgium .

Already heavily influenced by Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Electronica and Cold Wave push him over the years to become as record spinner in various parties, clubs, bars in France, Belgium and Germany and through several radio programmes to share his passion for the electronic music and connect with like minded people, he continues to explore the deeper side of electronic music, playing Detroit influenced techno through to deep house.


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